Released :      June 1986


Model # :        3130


Length :          390 mm


Width:             240 mm                                                  

Wheel Base :   260 mm


Height :           125 mm


Weight :          1700 grams


Drive :            4WD - via chain.

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Third in the Optima series, the Kyosho TURBO Optima was a real "step up" from the standard Optima and Javelin. Kyosho really answered the racing fraternity's desire for a "full house" competition buggy at the time. 

Maintaining the excellent solid chassis design, the Turbo Optima added some very impressive features. The most notable improvement would have had to have been the classic GOLD shock absorbers.....these were VASTLY superior to just about everything on the market at the time - and can still be seen manufactured "unchanged" by the Duratrax company in the USA to this day !! 

Other major changes included the addition of low profile tyres, larger wheels, FULL bearing set, chassis "skid" under tray, front and rear stabiliser bars, LE MANS 240S modified motor.

Actually - the main claim to fame for the Turbo Optima was the fact that it was the "WORLD'S FIRST" buggy specifically designed to run on 7 cells (8.4v). It was around this time that there was a movement form the USA to make Off Road racing run for four minutes with 7 cells......fortunately - sanity prevailed and this idea was scrapped for international events......none the less - the TURBO Optima was certainly a superb performer.

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